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After a Compassionate Leadership Training your organization will not only be more effective in delivering its highest quality product or service, but everyone will feel less stress and have more fun doing it! 
All Compassionate Leadership Trainings can be tailored to your organization's size, budget, and specific needs, whether that be just a 2-4 hour one-shot training or a more robust introductory training with an ongoing Connected Culture Integration Program that includes a combination of consultations, short video refreshers, solo exercises, and inspirational messages delivered via email, texts and/or tweets.
Practical Communication Tools
Clean up the kinds of miscommunications that add stress and decrease productivity in any collaborative situation through practical tools and exercises.
Connected Culture
When teammates, peers, or colleagues feel disconnected, even the simplest project can be a complete drag, requiring more time and energy than is optimal. When collaborateurs feel connected to one another with a sense of mutual trust, even huge obstacles can be overcome with much greater ease.


Conflict "Optimization"
Compassionate Leadership is NOT about avoiding conflict. Conflict is inevitable. In fact, "conflict" is quite healthy for organizations when it is optimized via skillful navigation/facilitation. Diverse and dissenting perspectives add tremendous value to any culture and the research bears this out.


Compassionate Leadership  Training

Creating a Compassionate Culture

Team-Building Outdoor Education

InSynergy Leadership Coaching

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