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Six    Week Web Workshop  In Tongue Fu Badassery

Practicing  "No Bullshit Communication"

Tuesday, March 8th to Tuesday, April 12th: 7:00-8:30 PST

  • Fact vs. Fiction: Instead of BS generalizations, interpretations, and projections we practice making OBSERVATIONS. Learning to distinguish between these tends to produce greater inner clarity, practical problem solving, and reduces overall distress. It also fosters more connected and productive dialogues.


  • Ownership vs. Blame: When we can identify how we feel and connect our FEELINGS to our own NEEDS, then we stop making other people and external circumstances responsible for our experience. This skill is not only profoundly empowering and expansive, but quite magnetically attractive!

  • Asking vs. Expecting, Demanding, or Wishing: When we develop the radical artistry of DO-ABLE REQUESTS, we discover abundance and possibility where we once experienced lack. We nag and complain less and actively engage in problem solving more effectively.


  • Listening Actively vs. 'Being Right': When we really get that everyone is actually swallowing their own bullshit, and we practice EMPATHIC LISTENING instead of defensive criticism, that's when shit gets REAL! We not only become like Bullshit Teflon, but even "conflicts" become a process of discovery and deep connection!

Peronal Investment:

Sliding Scale $80-$140 (No Questions Asked)

**If this cost is prohibitive for you, but you are passionate about learning and growth, please take 5 minutes to Request a Scholarship. Tell me why you want to take the course, how you hope to apply the learning in your life and work, and what you propose to contribute, and I will reply within 24 hours.**

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