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The Men's Journey: Igniting the Sacred Masculine


Friday April 1st, 3pm to Sunday April 3rd, 6pm



Scotland, Connnecticut



$420 Includes On Site Accomodation & Food



Joshua Hathaway, M.A. & Colin Skye



Carl Hyburg



Is It Time To UnFuck Yourself?


Our world needs you...


YES!  You.


The untamed, kickass, unstoppable supercharged you. The deeply self connected, self aware, done with his own bullshit, out of his own way and humble enough to know his own Power you. The on purpose, on mission, on fire, honorably honest about his own dishonesty you. The fully responsible for his own experience, giving the fuck out of his gifts because it feels Awesome you. The deeply loving, wildly ravishing, tenderly holding, vulnerably authentic and owning that shit you.


Is this who is showing up for your life?


If it is. Great. This Men's Journey is not for you. Keep at it and drop me a line every so often to tell me about all the ass you're kicking, bro.


If not, then it is time to unleash that motherfucker. I'd like to help.


And don't even THINK about giving me that "I don't need help" bullshit.


I'll be honest, this Journey is not for everyone. Hell, it's not for MOST. It is really only for men with a serious commitment to themselves (and the ones they care about) to be the very beast man he can be.



But the Men's Journey might be for you if...

You recognize that the contructs you have inherited about what it means to "be a man" do not fit the world you now live in.


You sense that ongoing challenges in your primary relationship have something to do with that ill fit.


You are actively engaged in Men's work and are hitting a wall or plateauing, and you're ready to go deeper with your process. 


You have never experienced Men's work before and feel intuitively drawn to check it out.


You feel like you have compromised something essential to you in your work or relationship and you can't put your finger on it.


You are feeling too civilized and hunger for more connection with your inner Wilds.


Your inner fire for life is down to burning embers and you are ready to get your sense of purpose and passion STOKED.


You get that something important is missing, or just not right. You feel out of control and you know you need help sorting it out. (One of the hardest thigns for a man to admit. Well done.)

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