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There is nothing more painful and confusing than persistent conflict and disconnection in our most intimate relationship. It can sometimes feel like we are totally lost, or like the ground is falling out beneath us. Without support, even our sincerest attempts at working things out can feel like walking around completely naked in a hall of mirrors full of booby traps!  

Love Synergy Coaching will bring soothing relief to the unbearable tension in your relationship starting the very first session. Each experiential session will provide a new connection strategy and an evolving opportunity to speak with more honesty, listen with more compassion, act with greater congruence, and LOVE with more passion and abandon. So what are you waiting for? Take that first step toward the kind of emotional connection, juicy sexual intimacy, and radically empowered loving you have always dreamed of! It is not a mere fantasy. It is just on the other side of a series of LoveSynergy Coaching sessions.   If you are feeling...


  Lonely.    Stuck.    Hopeless.    Confused.    Angry.    Sexually Unsatisfied. Anxious.   Alienated.    Shut Down.    Depressed.    Resentful.    Sad. are in the right place!  Your relationship is ready to...



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