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What You Should Know About The Men's Journey


This is not a fucking classroom. It is a Journey. You don't get to just sit back and watch the scenery go by. You need to get your feet on the path and pay attention every step of the way. Because this one is not about the destination, but the Journeyer. What you get out of the process is directly proportional to what you are willing to put into it. Trust the process. Trust your guides. Trust the men around you. Show up. Get stoked and let that fire burn away everything you no longer need.

MEN'S WORK: Men have been gathering as men since the beginning of our species to strengthen each other and the community through sacred rituals, the sharing of men's lore, the passing on of wisdom, Rites of Passage and Initiations for each other and the young men, and to engage in the unique, undefended quality of masculine presence made so accessible in the absence of women. We are for the renewal of such gatherings to create safe, sacred space for men to process their challenges, express the many layers of their authentic self, and to be held accountable to their commitments.

THE WORK: The Work of the Journey is experiential in nature. It is a process of challenge and inquiry. It is a multi-layered opportunity to see ourselves more clearly, to release the excess baggage we have carried for so long, and to reestablish our commitment to the purpose for our being here on the Earth at this time. 


We will engage in ritual as a way of intentionally and symbolically embodying central themes in the Journey of a man. These rituals do not require a belief in any particular religious or spiritual paradigm.


The Work will take you outside of your comfort zone. No man's bullshit goes down without a fight.

I'm another title

PHILOSOPHY: We believe that a man can be seen as a complex alchemy of Masculine and Feminine aspects interacting. We see and value the development of awareness and choice about how these elements interact and express in a man, and acknowledge that most men have a stronger Masculine aspect. Both Masculine and Feminine have gifts and shadows. To be an integrated man, we must know how to manage the elements within us and embody them for ourselves and in the polarities that arise in relationships.

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