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Do you long for less conflict in your home?


Do you feel like you are losing connection with the ones who matter most to you?


Are you frustrated with your child/adolescent's behavior and feeling stuck about how to do something different?


Are you struggling to parent in ways that really match your values?


Are you worried about your child/teenager and the choices they are making or might make?





If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions then I have two things to say to you:


First, "You are NOT alone!" 


Second, "Hope and support are just a click away!"











Family Synergy Coaching Packages include a combination of the following elements:


Family Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 sessions with each family member

Access to online modules and practice tools

Facilitated Family Adventures

Unlimited text and email access to your

   coach between sessions


Thriving families are not perfect, but they have standards. Thriving families yell sometimes, and cry sometimes, but they know how to reconnect when they get lost. Thriving families don't always get the kids to bed on time with teeth brushed and stories read, but they know how to have a good time failing. Thriving families make breakfast for dinner some nights and pizza for breakfast some mornings. Thriving families occasionally enjoy watching "too much" TV. Thriving families definitely don't always agree, but they know how to listen to and share conflicting opinions. Thriving families often have messy homes, well-lived-in by the ones who spend the most time there. Thriving families are not free from anger, resentment, disappointment, or fear--but they find ways to communicate even the most difficult things. Thriving families don't always all live under the same roof, but they know that love speaks in many languages. Thriving families get stuck in judgment at times, but they know the paths that lead back to unconditional love and acceptance. Thriving families know that time is a precious tool that, sometimes, when used most wisely, makes them late. Thriving families meet the challenges of life as a team, eager for the opportunity to work together to find solutions. Thriving families support their members to thrive individually, without pressure to thrive identically. Thriving families know that respect is best taught by being embodied.



Many families are struggling every day behind closed doors, and most of them feel incredibly isolated and alone, just like you. The worst part is that this sense of isolation can give rise to shame, hopelesness, and resistance to seeking support. So, first take a deep breath and feel your invisible companionship with the millions of awesome parents who, just like you, feel stuck, scared, or frustrated right now. Next, break the cycle of isolation by reaching out and scheduling a free consultation with me to get some perspective.

I can assure you that your investment in Family Synergy Coaching will start the shift from Surviving to Thriving in the very first session! As you learn, practice, and integrate some simple communication and connection tools; as you see more clearly than ever what is blocking the connection that you want; as you begin to relate to one another with more self-responsibility and honesty than ever before--you will discover greater Harmony, Connection, Respect, and Fun in your family life than ever before!

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