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Joshua C. Hathaway M.A.

Joshua Hathaway, M.A. Holistic Clinical Psychology, is a Tongue Fu black belt and master of the art of connection. Through his private and organizational trainings in No Bullsh!t Communication, as well as private coaching and consulting, Joshua is radically improving people’s success in the changing landscapes of modern love and leadership. A 2005 graduate of the BayNVC North American Leadership Program, and a 2008 Master’s graduate from JFK University, he brings almost two decades of research in communication, psychology, and integral systems to the process of leveling up your emotional intelligence and communication skills. Joshua is a dynamic public speaker, able to share exciting content, deliver practical skill building tools, and facilitate experiences that bring home the power and value of connection. He also brings intuitive sensitivity to every interaction, whether 1-on-1 or in large group settings, that calibrates the pace and depth of the work for optimal results.


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